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Mac 1.15.4 - Better flow and less annoyances

This release includes improvements to how Krisp behaves and also bugfixes that improve performance. Released on 16 Jul 2020

Krisp Mac

Published by The Krisp team


• We showed the Krisp popup after each Mac restart and it was annoying. We do not do that anymore.

 Now the noise cancellation toggles will not turn off after the end of the audio stream, if you are on the Free plan

 If you’re logged in with a Team account, you will no longer see the button for create team.

  Bug fixes

   Fixed the audio loop issue when using “Share computer audio” checkbox in the Zoom screen sharing settings

   Fixed the crash in the onboarding flow when the app would crash if you play/stopped the videos for a couple of times

   Fixed the status bar icon issue on Big Sur

   Fixed the incorrect showing of the certificate error when the package was incompletely download from the internet

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